Silverstone in central Northamptonshire is one of the most important racetracks in the United Kingdom. It can be considered the premier location within Britain for organised motorsport. The track is the current home of the British Grand Prix, which Silverstone has hosted since 1948. The circuit has been a key global location for competitive racing ever since 1950. Silverstone was constructed over three months after the second world war for the RAC from the disused remains of RAF Silverstone’s airfield and the ruins of a nearby farm. This took place after an informal competition in September 1947 to test the viability of the site known as the ‘Mutton Grand Prix’, so named for the accidental death of an unfortunate sheep that occurred during the race.

After development, the racetrack rapidly became a British motorsport fan favourite known worldwide for its distinctive curves and overhanging bridges. Silverstone has seen many changes to the broad loop layout since the first formal race was held in October 1948, although the original design is still mostly the same today. However, major redesigns to parts of the track completed in 1991 and 2010 allowed Silverstone to offer a greater variety of circuits and challenges to drivers. The site has also been home to the Silverstone UTC training facility since September 2013.

Silverstone has certainly seen its share of great motorsport moments. Of particular note are Graham Hill’s 1960 surprise turnaround and spin out, Jackie Stewart’s shocking 1969 victory, Nigel Mansel’s 1987 and 1991 clinched victories, Michael Schumacher’s 1998 finish line controversy, and Lewis Hamilton’s four-year 2014-2017 streak of triumphs. The 1950 Silverstone Grand Prix is also notable for being the only British motor race ever attended by a reigning monarch, George VI.

Below is a 3D model of Silverstone circuit produced From this diagram, you should be able to get a good overhead view of the route you’ll be taking, the landmarks around the track, the surrounding landscape, and the obstacles all drivers face navigating the circuit. The diagram’s hazard key system also lists tips as to what to expect for each of the fifteen major features of Silverstone Circuit.