Smart Cars are by no means the coolest cars in the world but with a cool body kit fitted – they get real close! One of our favourite smart car body kits is this A Team van inspired kit…

Check out these other cool smart car body kits from around the world




  1. That is what I call one heck of a smart car F**k YA!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Automobile safety must be always first in our priority. That is why we should buy cars that has improved automobile designs that would help a lot to reduce injuries and death rates.

  3. I have read many post & some say the smart cars with the Ferrari, Porsche & so on are fake . Does anyone know if they actually do exist or if they are photo shop pictures?

  4. Of course they are fake…"manufactured by Adobe Ferrari, Adobe Lamborghini and Adobe Porsche."
    😀 clever…Adobe Photoshop 😉

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