Isn’t the internet awesome? It’s become so ubiquitous in our lives that we can fall into the trap of taking it for granted. Whatever we want, the internet provides it. Got a tune stuck in your head? You can be listening to it on Spotify in seconds. Want to watch an episode of a cartoon you loved as a kid? Chances are you can find it on Netflix, Amazon Prime or iTunes. Even if you can’t you can probably get it delivered to your home within 24 hours. Can’t be bothered to cook? Deliveroo can have food from your favourite local restaurant delivered to you in minutes. Yup, the internet has changed the way we do more or less everything and made us the masters of our own destiny,. Whatever we want, wherever in the world we want it from, we can usually get it quickly and easily.

But when it comes to buying cars from overseas online there are both cool things and caveats. Importing a car from overseas can be extremely cost effective with savings of up to 50% while also allowing you access to vehicles which simply aren’t available on the local market. That said, while importing cars can be a godsend, it also comes with complications. If you’re considering importing a car from overseas, consider the following first…


What modifications do you need to make?


Rarely will you be able to be able to climb into an imported vehicle and start driving. You will first need to make modifications to make it drivable and able to pass an MOT inspection… And that can cost money that could eat into what you’ve saved. Keep in mind also that imported vehicles may require special parts which will also need to be imported making servicing and repairs potentially more costly. This should be a factor in deciding which vehicle to import. An imported vehicle may also have implications for insurance.


Who will you choose to import your vehicle?

Who you entrust with the transportation of your vehicle is also important. The legalities and logistics of transporting vehicles overseas can be mind boggling so it’s helpful to find a service that can make it as simple and hassle free as possible. For this reason Car Shipping Made Simple are highly recommended. They have over 30 years of experience transporting vehicles from all over the world meaning that they are able to provide an easy and seamless transition.


Tax implications


Different countries have different tax liabilities when it comes to the buying, selling and importing of commodities. When you buy a car abroad, the sticker price may not be subject to tax, but taxes like VAT are charged at the rate of the country where the vehicle is transported to. Thus, if you live in the UK and transport a vehicle from the US you will have to add the 20% VAT onto the sticker price.


So long as you go in prepared and aware of all the potential costs and complications, importing a vehicle from overseas can allow you to get an awesome and unique car at a price you’ll love!