Electric cars have been around for a long time, but many motorists have been avoiding making the switch up until now. There have been a handful of obstacles that these types of automobiles have had to overcome, but it appears that they are now doing so and an increasing amount of motorists are now making the switch – the sale of Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles rose by 33.4% in the UK in November compared to last year.

Government Action

The time to invest in an electric car might finally be here and this is for a few different reasons. The primary reason is the fact that governments around the world are looking to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles in the near future in a bid to tackle clean air concerns. Many governments are making incentives for making the switch sooner rather than later, such as a Grant towards an electric car. They are also penalising those that are driving the most polluting vehicles, with the new T-Charge in London being a good example of this.



A recent study by energy provider OVO revealed what was stopping those in the UK from making the switch. The main answer given was the supposed lack of charging points, but the same study also revealed that Brits heavily underestimated how many charging points there are. On average, they believed there to be just 2,812 charging points, but in reality there are actually over 13,000 with this number rising each month.

The lack of charging infrastructure has been a big issue in many other countries too, but this is now all changing as the world seems to be preparing for the green car revolution. In addition to this, the cars themselves are rapidly improving to become more appealing to consumers. This includes greater variety in the type of vehicles available, faster charging times, longer battery life, new safety technology and much more. Pioneering brands like Toyota, Suzuki and leading the way and now practically every manufacturer has an electric or hybrid model in their range.



The cost has been another issue, but these cars could become more affordable in the near future as there is greater competition. In addition to this, the low running costs will help motorists to recoup their money quickly.

Overall, the clean air plans, government incentives and rapidly improving infrastructure means that now is the perfect time to leave petrol and diesel behind and make the switch to electric.