If you are a true car lover, you will know that it is a passion extending far beyond driving. After all, what activity isn’t improved by being car-related? The list below has a variety of games that are all perfect for car lovers.

Car Inspired Casino Games 

If you are looking for that little burst of adrenaline that comes from watching an intense formula one race, then car-inspired casino games are perfect. Unibet casino online has a range of different casino games, and some, like Street Racers, are specifically racing-inspired. 

Video Games 

As well as being wildly fun and rather addictive, racing games have some of the best visuals of any video game genre. When it comes to the best racing video games for car lovers, it is impossible to pick just one. 

Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii console is brilliant fun for all the family.

Gran Turismo Sport is stunningly rendered, with almost photorealistic visuals. Compared to other racing video games, this one offers a smaller range of vehicles; it does come with a unique selling point.

The FIA Gran Turismo Digital License is earnt once you have got to a certain level of performance within the game. The license that you earn is not just relevant for the game but is a real-life racing licence. 

Project CARS 2 allows you to fulfil every racing fantasy you have ever had, whatever that might be. From karting in the Scottish Highlands to ice racing in the Swedish snowdrifts. This game offers the most varied driving experience but it pretty accurately represents the driving conditions of each. 

F1 2020 brings players a fully licensed F1 experience with accurate simulations of different car behaviour and track characteristics. The game also enables players to play as a racing legend. You can make the driver develop contracts and create a race strategy, all as your favourite racing driver.

Formula 1 Betting

If you are an avid watcher of formula one, then you might want to try out betting on the next race. There are many different ways you can bet on formula 1, the most common of which is outright betting. F1 outright betting takes place over an entire season, rather than one individual event. If you want to start small, you can just bet on one race, such as the F1 Drivers Championship or the F1 Constructors Championship. Just remember always to bet responsibility.

Car Quizzes

Why not get some other car-loving friends over and take part in a car a quiz? There are a range of different online car quizzes, all designed to test the depths of your knowledge. Some of the quizzes are racing-focused, while others have to focus on different vehicles’ makes or models.


Even people who aren’t car fanatics will have heard of Scalextric. The brand of slot cars first appeared in the 1950s and has remained popular ever since. The game’s classic aim is still the same: design your course, then race the electric cars as quickly as you can without them flying off the track. You can race various cars, including a Ferrari 312B2, a Porsche 917K, a Jaguar E type, and a McLaren M94.


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