There is an app for everything these days, and for the modern driver they can offer a lot of benefits, whether it’s for safety, music, navigation – anything you like. They can suit absolutely anyone, petrol-heads and non-drives alike, even if it doesn’t seem that you could get a car because you can’t find a suitable finance, then you could find an app that tells you the best car lease options instead. So, without any further adieu, hold on to your hats…this is the top 10 mobile apps for drivers (and those soon to be drivers).

1. Plugshare

Plugshare is an app that is at the forefront of modern driving. It is an app that allows those climate conscious drivers to find the nearest electric charging station and is an absolute must for those of us with electric cars. The app is free and is available on iOS and Android.

2. Spotify Premium

I’m sure most of you will know of Spotify and it might seem like an obvious choice, but good music whilst driving is pretty important and Spotify is without doubt one of the easiest ways to access your favourite tunes. The app is free and available on all platforms but a subscription costs £9.99 a month (or 50% off with student discount) which allows you to have uninterrupted music when online and offline without any ads (free version there are ads).

3. MiGarage

Car maintenance is essential, especially to save on hefty and unexpected bills from the mechanics. MiGarage allows you to input the details of your car and it then proceeds to remind you when you need to make checks and changes, like topping up your oil for instance. The app is available on iOS and Android and is free via the Shell website.

4. Carcorder

Any petrolhead’s must have app. As the world’s obsession for video sharing continues to grow, so have dash-cams. Recording your car being pushed to the limit can entertain a huge number of people and can allow you to show others your talents behind the wheel. It can also help you become a better driver by re-watching it and addressing any issues you may have come across while on the road – it could be really handy for learners.

5. Fuelio

If you’re watching your penny’s, then this app will be really beneficial. You enter the details of your car and update every time you refill with fuel and it can tell you all about your fuel efficiency and consumption. Unfortunately for iPhone users this is only available on Android.

6. Find my Car

The most common of problems, coming out of a busy shopping centre or some such place and not being able to remember where you parked. Thanks to Find my Car, this is a problem of the past. The app uses a GPS system to show you where the car is located and can even send emergency texts to family/friends. The app is free and available on iOS and Android.

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7. WhatGas Petrol Prices

Another one for those money savvy people out there, this app pinpoints your nearest and not so dear fuel stops. It shows you the cheapest fuel in your vicinity allowing you the get the most out of every penny you spend. A crucial app for those who cover a lot of miles on a day to day basis. Again this one is only free on Android, but definitely worth getting for those who can.

8. Grdian

A really important app and might be one that a young driver’s parents insist on them getting. It is a service that notifies the authorities and health service when you have been involved in an accident. The app can sense when there has been a sudden stop or crash and will then call the emergency services, and those on the other end of the line will stay on until they have arrived. There is a version coming very soon on iOS and the Android app is currently out and costs 99p a month.

9. Speed Camera and Traffic

They could be anywhere, they could be everywhere and the could pop out at any time. Speed cameras for all they do good in the world are pesky and can land with you a decent sized fine at any time. But, with this app, you’ll never be caught out again. It will notify you when any speed cameras are close and will tell you the speed that you ought to be doing. Available on both iOS and Android.

10. Aviva Drive

A relatively new app but a great one for new drivers, tracking your driving it can read how well you drive and by that it can reduce insurance costs. Insurance for young drivers is extortionate and can act as a huge deterrent but this can really help to drive down those prices. Free on Android and iOS via the Aviva website.

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