Recently I’ve been reading the shocking statistics about the public’s attitude towards motoring and the maintenance of their car thanks to a survey conducted by Halfords. Here are seven car maintenance statistics I’m sure many of you are guilty of at least some of these (we are!)

51% of drivers aged between 25-34 are likely to continue driving their car, even though they are aware it has an issue. This could be down to financial reasons I guess, but if you’re caught by the police, the fine could be pretty steep, especially if it has already been flagged as an advisory on MOT. 

The Halfords survey claims that 53% of drivers are unaware they are driving with unsafe tyres. The driving theory test was introduced in July 1996 and I know for a fact that car tyres are covered pretty comprehensively in the test because they are such as important aspect of driving safety. Either these 53% drivers all passed their driving test without having to take the theory test pre 1996 or 

25% of drivers don’t check their oil!! What? cars need oil guys, unless you have an electric car. If you run out of engine oil, your engine will seize almost instantly. You should get a low oil level indicator light or a low oil pressure light well before you run out of oil. If you get any of these lights you must pull over immediately and shut off your engine. This is the only way you will save yourself from serious engine damage and costly repairs. What most people don’t realise is that for most internal parts within the engine, there is only a thin film of lubrication at best between any moving metallic parts. This means that a sudden lose of oil pressure and lubrication means sudden death to your engine, and you do not want that! 

I live by the coast in Cornwall and seagull poo is an every day occurrence – it’s a nuisance but I always wipe off with a wet-wipe or equivalent as soon as possible. Why? well, bird droppings contain uric acid and uric acid is corrosive enough to eat past a coating of wax or paint sealant and then begin to etch your car’s paint. Not cool! 

I hold my hands up to being guilty of this one, driving around with a slight crack in my windscreen. If stopped by the police it would be a fine. I got mine fixed at Halfords Windscreen Chip Repair who make it nice and easy.

Yeah we’ve all done it, sometimes knowingly, other times we need to be told by someone else that one of our lights has gone. Some cars are really fiddly to fit bulbs. I remember on our last family car it was a nightmare and again Halfords came to the rescue, picked the bulb I needed and fitted it for me using their WeFit Service

Haven’t used a credit card but I have boiled the kettle till it’s hot and poured over icy/frosted windows. I know this is stupid because it doesn’t help in the slightest when trying to de-ice a frozen windscreen. Placing two extreme water temperatures on top of each other will firstly cause the boiling water to freeze on your windscreen and make it even harder to de-ice. In addition to this it can also crack your windscreen if the boiling water gets into underlying cracks and expands as it freezes. This can result in you having to fork out to repair your windscreen and you’re still no further to de-icing your frozen windscreen!