It is not an exaggeration to say the Bahrain 2014 F1 race was one the most gripping F1 races in years. We remember the epic race between Webber and Vettel in Turkey 2010 when they collided and were wondering if the same was going to happen in Bahrain between Mercedes drivers Hamilton and Rosberg. It was a thrilling wheel-to-wheel racing between the two team-mates which unlike the 2010 race saw the racers finish first and second positions for the second consecutive race with Hamilton winning again.

The two Mercedes drivers, as expected, were in a race of their own but the action behind them was as equally as thrilling. There were inter-team duels all the way down the field, with the next best coming at Force India, Red Bull, Williams and Ferrari. Perez took Force India’s second-ever podium and Gutierrez’s Sauber flipped his car after a big clash with Pastor Maldonado.

Rosberg, with two second places finishes since his season-opening victory in Melbourne, still holds the championship lead heading to China, but Hamilton has closed the deficit to 11 points. And perhaps more importantly, with two victories over his team-mate inside eight days, Hamilton has perhaps gained the early psychological edge. Time will tell.

The race proved that Lewis Hamilton has got what it takes to win this year with his great defensive skills against Rosberg , especially as Rosberg had the quicker car and had the quicker tires on the last stint.
Not every race will be as good as this but hopefully we’ve seen the back of all the moaning about ‘fuel economy F1’.

China is next and we wonder if can Vettel and Red Bull can claw back points or are Mercedes going to dominate like Red Bull these past few seasons.