If you own a car one day you will eventually need to buy new high-quality tyres. Due to some rough road conditions and excessive wear, most tyres last for about 6 years before they become unsuitable to use. As a driver who doesn’t deal with tyres everyday, choosing the best tyres can be a great challenge. At http://www.mytyres.co.uk, there are all types of tyres selections; winter/summer tyres and all-season tyres. Prices rank from ridiculously-cheap to amazingly expensive high quality tyres. If you want to buy the cheapest tyres, there are some few things that you should put into consideration in order to get the best quality and most durable tyres.

Most people don’t give too much attention to tyres until they start to fail. There are very many reasons that you should regularly inspect your car tyres, before you find yourself panicking on the roadside at midnight. If there are any cracked sidewalls, excessive tread wear and discolouration on your car tyres, you probably need a new set. Well maintained and selected tyres can greatly contribute to your car safety, better handling, low fuel consumption as well as better ride quality and comfort.

Nowadays, with the availability of fast internet, finding the best tyres for your car is much easier than before. There are literally hundreds of cheap tyre brands available at mytyres. All of them are classified according to styles ranges, composition, price and construction in order to make selection process much easier and convenient for you. Below are some useful tips that can guide you on how to buy the cheapest and the most high-quality tyres for your car.

Know Your Car Tyres Size

Before you start searching for tyres to buy for your car, check your current tyre size listed on the sidewalls. All replacement tyres should perfectly match with what is recommended by your car manufacturer. To find about your car tyre size and capabilities that you should use, just look for the placard attached to the driver’s door edge. If you have an old car, the placard might be repainted several times but it’s always there. A good tyre selection should have a balance between wear, noise, cost, load capacity suppression and fuel economy. At mytyres there are experts that can help you to select quality tyres with the right balance of each.

Consider the Wheels before You Change Tyres

Your car rims are one of the most important factors to consider when changing your car tyres. If your current car rims are damaged, consider buying new ones when replacing your tyres. Always try to match your car wheels with your manufacturer originals in order to make your car more stable and safe to ride. Bigger wheels have a lower tyre aspect ratio and might look great on a car, but in order for your car to turn properly, the wheels outside diameter should match with your car manufacturer’s originals capabilities.

Why You Should Buy a Complete Set Instead Of Two or Three

Most people are tempted to just replace 2 or 3 worn out tyres of their cars of which might be a great deal on the total cost. Nowadays, modern tyre suspension technology works great with all matching set of tyres. When you replace all four tyres, your car will be able to handle suspension problems much better and achieve the best handling performance.

Age Matters a Lot for New Cheap Tyres

Tyres normally deteriorate faster in hot climates over some time. If you live in a place that has frequent hot weather conditions, consider buying summer tyres. Tyres manufacturing date is normally written as “DOT” and with a four digit number indicating the year and the week, for example, a tyre that is written 1016 means that it was manufactured on the 10th week of 2016. We recommend you always to replace tyres that have a “DOT” of more than six years no matter how good they look. We do not stock old tyres and you can visit our site to browse all the latest tyre brands from different manufacturer.

When To Check Inflation Pressure and Replace Spare Wheel

Regular inflation checkup should be done at least once every two weeks and before embarking on a long journey.
Most people always forget about the spare wheel and only use it in an emergency. If you don’t regularly inspect your car spare wheel, you might be left stranded on the roadside with an upsetting puncture. All spare tyres that are more than six years old should only be used once in an emergency and immediately replaced with new high-quality tyres.

Driving Style and Maintaining Your Car

Regular tyre inspection and keeping your car in a good condition can greatly extend the life of the tyres. For better performance, always avoid spinning your car wheels while accelerating. Most tyres are made from rubber and they will easily wear out when spinned on a rough tarmaced road.

Know Where to Get High-Quality Tyres

Car tyres are quite expensive and knowing the best place to buy cheap tyres at a discount can greatly save you a lot of money. Your local car dealer will likely offer no discounts, claiming thin profitable margins. For the best deal on all types of car tyres visit our shop and you will get free shipping when you buy 2 or more tyres.