Chevrolet’s latest cool advertisement for its Volt hybrid car has a serious warning
about using petrol cars during the zombie holocaust. Their limited
range will make you an easy target for the brain-chomping hordes once
they run out of gas. The cool advert suggests you’ll also have to deal with ‘range anxiety’ which is the fear of being stranded in a car after it has run
out of fuel. Most of the time, this is an inconvenience. When being
chased by zombies, it’s a little more serious!

Zombie Ride follows two desperate survivors, whose escape along a desert road is impeded by an empty fuel tank. The pair flee on foot as the undead close in on them. One of them stumbles and the two slow down as the zombies get closer and closer.

Just when all looks lost, an attractive saviour arrives in a stylish Chevrolet Volt. The gang speed off into the sunset, free of any worries about being stranded in the midst of hungry undead cannibals. All thanks to the Volt’s incredible range.

The advert is a fun way to demonstrate the impressive extra distance that can be squeezed out of Chevy’s hybrid. Society may have crumbled and the dead may walk the earth, but good fuel efficiency is still something to be prized.

So, when the zombies rise up, will you have what it takes to go the distance? Watch the sponsored video and tell Chevrolet what you think of it via the
link which appears when you play it and you could be in with the chance
of winning an iPad or a 32″ TV.

The Chevrolet Volt is an electric vehicle with extended-range capability
(E-REV). Neither a hybrid nor a battery electric vehicle, it’s powered
electronically 100% of the time meaning that the drive unit keeps going
even when the battery is depleted.

On the electricity stored in the
16-kWh, lithium-ion battery will let you travel between 40 and 80
km and emits zero CO2. The on-board petrol powered generator
extends it’s range to over 500 km.

The Chevrolet Volt’s battery
charges fully within four hours by plugging into an ordinary 230v
household socket.

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