Here’s a question for your reader – what’s the best. NASCAR Sprint Cup VS Formula One? It may be something that you’ve debated with your mates down the pub; but have you ever really looked closely at the two to compare them properly?  In this article we debate this very question. 

The interesting thing about both the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Formula One is that despite their popularity; they both take a fair bit of criticism from people who are not interested.  For many people, Formula One is dull, involves little to no overtaking and involves too much money and the same guy wins all the time. On the other hand, NASCAR sucks involves overweight drivers turning left round circular and oval racetracks and features bulky cars made from scrap.

However, none of the above stops millions of people across America tuning in to NASCAR every year and turning up at the racetracks; and it doesn’t stop the millions of fans around the world enjoying Formula One every year.  The more you compare them, the more you find compelling reasons for either to be considered interesting.
The car involved in Formula One are works of genius concocted in high tech labs, but that doesn’t mean that the cars used NASCAR are any less brilliant. It is just a different type of brilliant.  No-one would be able to deny that NASCAR and Formula One cars are as fast as each other, comparatively. The drivers for both sports are very skilled but Formula One drivers have a much higher profile and gambling on Formula One is of course much more popular in the UK with sites such as William Hill Formula One betting

It really depends on what you want from your racing. If you want blood,guts and everything left on the racetrack; NASCAR would be the best race to follow.  Whereas, if you like the larger amount of money that is pumped into the F1 business every year, the bigger budget the teams have to play with and the more intricately difficult circuits, then Formula One is the race for you.

If you’re a bit of a petrol head then it is less expensive to be a fan of NASCAR as the cars used are easier to replicate with road versions.  However, one of the biggest drawbacks of NASCAR is that despite it being as popular in the US as F1, it is only raced in three locations, unlike the 19 countries  and four continents of F1.  
Whatever area of either racing style you look at, they both have positives and negatives.  Although F1 is meticulous and quick, if a driver does not secure a decent position in the qualifying round it and get away fast enough at the start; they may remain at the back for the whole race.  And while no race can really be called from the start in NASCAR, it comes back to the more simplistic tracks.  It could also be argued that F1 is more elitist, while NASCAR is not.  Though the opposite argument could be given that F1 only features the best of the best.

What can be learned from looking at these two similarly popular but very different types of racing?  Which is better?  As boring an answer as this sounds; it really depends on what you like.  There is no wrong answer, but if you’re not in the US, it’s much trickier to actually visit a NASCAR racetrack.