Some people love cars. And, other people love working really hard to spend a lot of money on cars. And, still other people have more money than regular people can even imagine, and can afford to drop insane amounts of money on cars. And they do this, regularly. Here are a few of the cars they sometimes choose.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is one of the most expensive cars ever sold. Only nine of the vehicles were made in 2014 and each had a $4.5 million price tag. The vehicle looks as over-the-top as you might expect including a complete lack of roof. It looks like a race car and is said to be completely street legal. Behind the wheel, you can hit top speed of more than 200 miles per hour.


Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron is another of the world’s most expensive cars with a price tag of $1.7 million. This car is not currently in production, but fans can still pick up late model versions if they have the cash reserves to afford it. Most really expensive cars deliver the experience of going really fast and the Bugatti Veyron is no exception with top speeds over 230 miles per hour.


Koenigsegg Agera R

The next most expensive car in the world almost looks like the Lamborghini’s step brother. It’s the Koenigsegg Agera R and costs a cool $1.6 million to drive it off the lot. Actually, you likely won’t drive it off the lot and instead it will be built with tremendous attention to detail after your check clear and hand delivered to you likely with a gold and diamond-dusted bow on top. The car hails from Sweden and was imagined to be a real race car for the road.


Hennessey Venom GT

And finally, the Hennessey Venom GT round out the top of the ridiculously expensive cars list. A very limited number of these cars are built because a very limited number of people in the world are willing to spend $1.2 million on a car. But, there are about 30 people who are willing and the Hennessey Venom delivers thrill and excitement as promised.

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