So, you’re interested in cool cars right? you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got a little treat for you today. Below, I’ve revealed the top three coolest car brands of 2016, enjoy!


How could I write a list of cool car brands and not start with Tesla? I’m sure all of the petrol heads out there are salivating at the mere mention of this brand. Tesla is fairly new to the scene, particularly when compared to other cool car brands. But, they bring an intriguing thought process to the auto world.
Primarily, they focus on making electric cars. You may think ok cool, but electric cars are normally boring. Well, this is where Tesla takes that concept and rips it into a million tiny pieces. They have fully electric cars that can reach 60mph in a couple of seconds.

What’s more, they’re equipped with more tech than any other car on the market. So much so that you can alter the suspension depending on the road you’re driving on. And, the car remembers how you’ve set the suspension, and changes it when you’re on different roads. There are so many cool things about Tesla, it’s impossible to condense them into one short paragraph.
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Yes, Ford is still one of the best and coolest car brands out there right now. Why? Because they make so many cool cars across a variety of categories. You have the Fiesta and Focus that regularly top the small/family car charts. Then, there’s the super cool Kuga that’s winning a lot of plaudits in the SUV category.
Finally, you have the incredibly cool sports cars that Ford offers too. This year saw the release of a new Mustang and GT, two of the most awesome cars on the planet. But, aside from this, Ford also has a few extras that make it such a brilliant brand. For one, they place a lot of emphasis on disabled drivers.
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With Ford Motability, it’s easy for disabled people to get an adapted car, and be able to drive. There are many more benefits too, and you can learn more about Ford Motability at TC Harrison and other providers of the service.
The bottom line is, Ford is taking the time to ensure everyone gets the chance to drive. Imagine not being able to drive because of a disability? It would be horrible! So, I think it’s pretty cool, and helps consolidate their place on this list.


The final brand on this list is BMW. There are so many amazing German car manufacturers out there. But, for me, BMW takes the biscuit in the cool charts. Why? Because they’re trying to be innovative. Like Ford, they offer cool cars in all the categories. But, they also have a hybrid supercar in the BMW i8, which is awesome. Plus, they’re working on making the first autonomous car. Their entire fleet of cars is well-made, cool looking, and get packed full of the latest BMW tech.
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Be warned, you may become incredibly jealous of anyone that’s driving a car made by one of these brands. If you can get your hands on one, then your coolness levels will be off the charts!