car buyers will have considered whether they should opt for a petrol or diesel
vehicle. The truth is, you only need ask yourself the following three

1. How far do you travel?

Diesel engines are famous for being far
more efficient than petrol, using 15−20% less fuel. This is good news for
anyone that spends hours each day on the motorway or up and down the country
visiting clients, but it’s also worth noting that these cars tend to have
slightly higher resale values too. If you’re the kind of person that likes to
change their vehicle frequently, diesel could be a better investment.
you also need a car that’s built with comfort over long-distances in mind, as
models that are more stripped back on luxuries could lead to neck and back
pains. Make sure you take this into account when shopping for cars, and go for
something like the new Range Rover Evoque. These cars pack a real personality
punch, and you’re certainly not left wanting in the driver’s seat for comforts.
Don’t forget that it’s always best to test out new cars first though, to see
how they handle your journey, so why not lease an Evoque
first to find out whether diesel is right for you.

2. Do you care about the environment?

emissions have never been a bigger problem, and whether it’s stricter inner
city rules or higher taxes, the government is continually trying to crack down
on greenhouse gases. Having said that, recent reports
claim that new cars aren’t actually as eco-friendly as they seem, so can the
difference between a petrol and a diesel engine help you do your part?
terms of harmful emissions, diesel engines are the ones to buy for several
reasons. Firstly, diesel engines produce lower amounts of CO2 than their petrol
equivalents, due to the fact that it’s both a more efficient engine, and
because it simply emits less harmful CO2. In fact, its CO2 emissions are 20%
lower than petrol. Not only does this lower your own personal carbon footprint,
but also means you’re rewarded with a lower tax band.
3. What’s your driving style?

you are as a driver is incredibly important to the car you choose. For example,
if you spend a lot of your time in the car, you’ll need to plan for certain
behaviour and that will influence your choice. Many diesel owners are those who
spend hours on the motorway, and they’ll be used to that extra power and
ability to overtake quickly and safely, which comes from the low-speed torque
of a diesel engine.
low-speed torque also makes for a better towing ability, so these cars are
perfect for families who go away at the weekend with a caravan, or people who
have hobbies or jobs that require them to move more than just a car. If you’re
looking for a more relaxing drive, this also puts the diesel engine heads and
shoulders above petrol.

you be buying a diesel engine next?